Levinson's Response to COVID-19

We are living in exceptional and challenging times and, as you know, we at Levinson's take the current situation very seriously. We are working diligently to reduce exposure to both families and staff, our goal will always be to provide compassionate funeral service to all those we serve. 
Funerals are a fundamental part of a healthy grieving process. While there are certain restrictions right now, we urge you and your families to focus on the importance of what can be done, and to make use of the power of modern technology. Please see below for upcoming events, resources and information regarding our services.

The Funeral

Levinson’s is actively working to do everything possible to ensure meaningful services out of respect for the deceased and for their family.  Using one of our chapels will provide those unable to attend to view the service as it is happening.

Our Chapels

  • We have both our indoor main chapel and outdoor chapel available for services

  • Attendance will be limited to approximately 50 members of the family and friends in our main chapel and 25 in our side chapel, this does not include our team or clergy officiating the service (this also applies to attendance limits at our local Jewish cemeteries)

  • Live streaming cameras have been upgraded to HD cameras, to enhance the quality of streaming for family and friends watching from home

  • Masks are always required

  • Social distancing is required, and seating will be spaced out to keep everyone safe

  • Receiving lines will not be permitted

  • Our HVAC system has been upgraded with special filters and will stay on constantly to circulate air through that filtration

  • Between services we will be thoroughly cleaning the bathrooms and chapel, as we already do when services are held outside

  • As always, we are following CDC guidelines and ask, for everyone’s safety, that people not attend services in person if they: 

    • Have any symptoms of COVID (whether vaccinated or not)

    • Have been diagnosed with COVID and are within the CDC’s stated timeframe for remaining isolated

    • Are unvaccinated and have a known close contact with someone who has tested positive



One of the impacts on our community is the loss of the support we get from the ritual of shiva. We strongly encourage families to set up their own Zoom shiva. Please let us know if you need access to a professional level Zoom account that does not have the restrictions of the free Zoom accounts.


You can work with the rabbi to set a time for a virtual minyan and, if you wish, we can put the minyan days and times on our website along with your Zoom link. That way you can have support in prayer, as well as some time for multiple family members to share their memories. 


For people to follow along, the Reform movement has an online Mishkan T’filah for the House of Mourning, and we were able to work with the Conservative movement to make available The Bond of Life.


How to support grieving families: 

Support can be given to grieving families by offering condolences on the online memorial book and by making a donation to any designated charities. We have also posted several articles and resources on our Facebook page. As you can see, while it may not be the funeral you would have planned, it still can be a profound and meaningful experience, even if some people are not able to be there in person. 


Kavod HaMet - respect for the dignity of the deceased - has always been the highest principle of Jewish burial, and adhering to that is always our main goal. But one of the things we feel sets us apart is our additional devotion to the needs of the mourners. If there is something else you believe we could be doing to help families at this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Matt Levinson at matt@sollevinson.com 

FEMA Reimbursement for COVID-19 Funeral Costs

For those who have lost a family member directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, starting April 12, 2021 FEMA will be offering reimbursement of funeral expenses up to $9,000. 

While we at Sol Levinson & Bros. are not able to help with the application process, we want to provide you with as much information as we can to make the process as easy as possible for you. 

Please visit the following dedicated page on our website for the most up to date information: